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No Spelling and Vocabulary Test for the remainder of the year!!!!!!!

April and May

Due to the end of the year being very hectic, I decided to include information about April and May in the following format


This month we will begin MAP Testing. All of my students will be tested individually. Consequently, this means that they will be out of my room when I am not testing them. They will be in the Art Room combined with Mrs. Gale's students and the Designated Support Students. However, Mr. Fluhrer may also place them in lower grade classrooms to assist with reading, writing, and math. This is called peer tutoring and can be very beneficial to students with learning disabilities. Research has shown that when you teach a concept it will go to long term memory. Most students with learning disabilities have difficulties with their learning going from short term to long term memory. I'm excited about my student teaching and learning. 

Just a reminder that because of MAP Testing occurring in the month of April and field trips in May we will not have Spelling Test and Vocabulary Test for the remainder of the year. However, don't be alarmed.....we are still practicing and learning new spelling words. Students will continue to sort their spelling words and write their spelling words 5 times daily. During the month of April there will be limited use of computers due to students taking the MAP test. This means no spelling test, Vocabulary Test, computerized reading test, and limited time for AR testing. 


We will be back in the Special Education Classroom. However, there will only be 3 weeks of school left. There will be numerous field trips, school activities, and many opportunities for enrichment learning. 


In summary, I'm excited about all the learning that has taken place this year. My students have surpassed most of their IEP goals and I couldn't be happier for them. They set goals and they achieved them!!!! Phelps County R-3 Rocks!!!

" We Are Each Unique and Beautiful... But, Together We Are A Masterpiece"