Social Studies

Mr. Ryan Jacobs


573-435-6293 ext. 210

 Newsletter/Weekly Agenda and Assignments

Daily Schedule 2018-2019: 

1st Hr (8:05-8:55): Resource Room 

2nd Hr (8:58 - 9:48):  Study Hall/Extra Help

3rd Hr (9:51 - 10:41): 6th Grade (World History)

4th Hr (10:44-11:34): Plan 

(11:37-11:57): Lunch

(11:57-12:15): Recess

(12:17-12:37): RTI

5th Hr (12:40-1:30): 8th Grade (American History) 

6th Hr (1:33-2:23): 7th Grade (Geography) 

7th Hr (2:26-3:15): 6th Grade Digital Citizenship 

World History Links: 

Ch. 2 Fertile Crescent Quizlet

US History Links: 

Oregon Trail

Digital Citizenship Links: 

Typing Club Link

Digital Compass Link

Geography Links:

Geo Games


iCivics Game Links:

iCivics Games Main Menu

Do I Have a Right? - run a constitutional law firm.

Win the White House - create a Presidential candidate, hit the campaign trail and experience how someone becomes the President. You will need to win over voters by choosing positions on key social, political, and economic issues. Gather enough electoral votes to "Win the White House!"


Branches of Power 

Executive Command