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Phelps County R-III Mission Statement


Hard Work + Positive Attitude = Achievment

Building Readers

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Dear Parents:

Phelps County R-III (PCR3) is working hard to help your child learn to read. 

PCR3 would like to offer parents materials to better help their child practice at home.  BUILDING READERS is a newsletter that will help parents by providing ideas to help the reader gain fluency and a love for reading.    Reading Readiness  is a page of information on how to help the young child become a reader.

Click on the link below for some great information!

Reading Readiness Sept 15

Elementary Reading Sept 15

Reading Readiness May 15

Elementary Reading May 15

Reading Readiness April 15 

Elementary Reading April 15

Reading Readiness Mar 15

Elementary Reading Mar 15

Reading Readiness Feb 15

Elementary Reading Feb 15

Reading Readiness Jan 15 

Elementary Reading Jan 15

Reading Readiness December 14

Elementary Reading December 14

Reading Readiness November 14

Elementary Reading November 14

Reading Readiness October 14

Elementary Reading October 14

New Information for Elementary Readers

Reading Readiness for PK-K



Develop Love of Books

Incorporate Reading into Math and Science

Strategies can improve Reading Comprehension

Make Reading a Social Event

Writing Activities Enhance Reading Comprehension

Phelps County R-III serves several military families and their children.  We encourage you to stop in and visit our rural PK-8 school.  We strive to provide a wonderful, caring atmosphere for our students.

Our mission statement is:

Positive Attitude + Hard Work = Achievement


This is the link for PARENT PORTAL.  If you need access to your child's grades please follow the link and put in the password.


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PTO and Booster Club

Phelps County R-III has two organizations that support our school.  Please consider joining both organizations to help support our students.


If you are interested in joining PTO, please contact Jen Mathis and/or Becky Mitchell. PTO works hard to provide opportunities for our students.

The Booster Club  would also appreciate your support.  This organization helps with sports activities at PCR3.